Saturday, January 15, 2011


Borders may very well file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They have already eliminated 15 top positions. They owe money to publishers so the question is - will the publishers accept their deal or let them slip away? If Borders goes this will not be good for the industry because of the money owed. My question is: how has B&N managed to stay alive? Will it also crumble? These giants took down many smaller booksellers. Will this make room for the small guys to come back? Or are ebooks killing the book as a solid form entirely? Or will a new idea emerge, as I'd read, where there will be "filling stations," and customers will go to bookstores to plug in their devices, download books, and use the stores to ask questions and seek advice. Umm...

I have lots of questions today but no answers. I do know that the idea of a "filling station" is ridiculous.

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