Friday, January 14, 2011


I was going on YouTube to show my sister my new B&W little film about birds... and of course I always find something else and get sidetracked (I NEED to get REAL work done here!). Anyway this video is QUITE appropriate! And amazing....

Then, I got stuck watching this:

This is why I love art. These two concepts are both stop motion animation done with sticky notes. Only one is fun and light hearted... and the other is not. The other is serious. It makes you think. It spans a long period of one's life. This is the way books should be as well. And yes, I'm talking about picture books here. Even the very young, I believe, can handle a range of topics and emotions. The trick is to boil it down to something they can handle. Where the Wild Things Are.

This is an example of an amazing book that handles a range of emotions--anger, happiness, sadness... being homesick. And yes, there are almost no words. These two examples of sticky note animation are like good children's books because they are boiled down to the essentials.

Wow. I really got sidetracked today!


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