Friday, January 14, 2011


For the research for my latest book I ordered a book called Brave Tales of Real Dogs. I had no idea what it looked like. All I knew is that it MIGHT have SOMETHING about my subject and it was written in 1931. When I got the book I was disapointed with the book's content. It contained almost nothing that I needed. However, its design is wonderful. The purchase was well worth every penny. I will happily perch it on my bookshelf. The design is simple, elegant, and the drawings are quiet and wonderful. You need to get up close to them and smell the pages....


  1. I love the cover and design, too! Are the stories good but just not what you need?

    If I ever get to Greenpoint I hope we can go to that coffee shop and you can show me.

    I like this blog!


  2. Thanks Libby!

    About the book: funny but I only read the short piece on Balto so I can't attest as to whether the others are good or not. The book is a chapter book for kids, I THINK. It wasn't what I was looking for and at the time I'd read so much about Balto that it was all sort of the same to me. I mean, how many times could I read about the same thing? Things would only jump out at me when they were wrong. I do think the book spelled Balto's musher's name wrong. But back then it seems that everybody did.

    I'd love for you to come to the coffee shop with me. I finally brought my sister and her friends to it and they all loved it. It has a fireplace! It's very cozy and is very out of place for its environment and I think that's why I love it most.