Monday, November 26, 2012


Random House and Penguin are merging and now there are talks that Harper Collins and Simon & Schuster will be the next to merge. This is one way for the big power houses to get MUCH bigger and fight against the likes of Amazon. BUT what does this mean for authors? There certainly won't be a good selection of publishers to submit their stories to. If the talk of this new merge happens there will be two humungous companies overpowering the rest. Will Little Brown want to merge next with Macmillan (FSG, First Second, Henry Holt...). Really, I find this all disturbing. My opinion as an author who wants options is that books will become less creative and more generic. When there is less biding between publishers and authors and illustrators have less freedom to peruse their creative pursuits then things get stale. I am concerned for the future.

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