Wednesday, August 8, 2012


In the kids' dept. at the bookstore the bathroom is locked. The bathroom is for KIDS ONLY! I haven't been in the dept. long but I had never heard an argument before... until now. This is how it went:

Can I get the key to the bathroom?

It's for kids' only. The adult bathroom is on the 3rd floor.

But I'm a children's book author.

The bathroom isn't for adults. It's for kids. You can use the bathroom on the 3rd floor.

But I'm an author. I've written three books.


Can I please use the bathroom? I have a kid. He's waiting for me downstairs. I'm in a rush. I have to go...


My coworker rolled his eyes and grabbed the key.

I made a face.

He said: I don't want a tantrum. I sensed a tantrum.

Oh. Okay.

Now... why is it that ANY person would think that they were special enough to use a bathroom that was reserved for kids only? Furthermore, why is it that a children's book author would think that they were special enough to use the bathroom?

UGH! I told my manager that I wanted to tell her that I was the author of 11 books and that I didn't give a damn that she wanted to use the bathroom. She laughed and said, "I know, right?"

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