Thursday, August 23, 2012


I've come up with a new title for myself: REGURISTORIAN

I'm not a historian. I'm not out digging up dinosaur bones and I'm not finding some dusty handwritten note penned by so-and-so. What I DO do is get all that stuff that the historians have dug up and regurgitate it for kids... make it fun... easy to read... and I take out the boring stuff. If need be, I do of course get source material but I mostly regurgitate. Right now I'm giving myself a pretty hard-core science lesson. I'm having a hard time understanding this material. It's not even necessary for what I'm doing but I wanted to educate myself. Perhaps you're wondering what it is that I'm reading about. I really do what to blab about it but I'm seriously paranoid that someone is going to gobble up my idea before I do it. I've been sitting on this thing for years and years. I swear, though, that this is the year that I go for it! I have to. It's in me and it wants to come out! But I'm so panicky that I've sat on it for too long and it's going to be done elsewhere. This is bad because I always tell beginners that they are crazy for worry about this stuff. Oh well.

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