Thursday, August 30, 2012


This week at the bookstore a customer asked me this: "I'm looking for books for a two year old with saws in it."

"Saws?" I asked. I laughed.

"My son is obsessed with tools... especially saws."

I saw that she was serious.

"Well, there's a great book that's a board book kind of thing that has removable cardboard tools..."

"Oh, that's too young for him. I need something older."

Too young I thought? She did say he was two, right?

"Even a book with a lawnmower in it..."

"Oh, I wrote a book about a man who mowed lawns... but it wasn't published."

"Too bad! I'd buy it right now!"

"My son isn't interested in truck books or car books he wants saw books. He reads the Home Depot catalog."

"That is hilarious. You know, I'm not so sure that a book like that exists..." I thought about DK doing a book all about dangerous saws: jig saws... hand saws... band saws... miter saws... circular saws... yeah, that would never fly.

All I have to say is, kids are are a strange breed.

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