Friday, June 8, 2012


I've gotten the cutest/best letters from kids. One class sent me photos of some creative things they did with one of my books and a whole list of questions they had for me. Because I wanted to write a nice letter back I just never did because I didn't have the time! Now I know it's the end of the school year (may even be too late) so I'm going overboard. Observe:

I've made a 6X12 inch page out of cardstock and am drawing a little robber on each and signing my name at the bottom. I'm drawing the robber character since Steal Back the Mona Lisa is the book the kids wrote about. I always think about what I would like as a kid. I mean, I would think it was very cool to have an author write back and answer questions and yeah, it would be nice to have a bookmark or something like that but how great would it be to have my own personalized drawing? The one memory that sticks in my mind like glue is when I mailed away for a spy kit that came in a Captain Crunch box. My sister got hers back in the mail but mine never came! I couldn't stand it! All I remember about hers was that there was some small round thing you looked through that made everything red. It was a "decoder." Just that color red was good enough for me to be VERY jealous. 

Anyway, that's what drives me. Memories like that. My mom always tried to make everything fair for us kids but now tells us that she wished she didn't because she tells us now that "life isn't fair." That is very true but I don't understand why you can't enjoy being a kid. You only live once. Why be miserable your entire life? Why do you need to have adult worries when you're a kid? So that's why I want every kid in the class to have a little drawing. 

I don't know if all of that made any sense but I tried. You can't always follow my nutty logic....

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