Friday, June 1, 2012


I did a school talk a few days ago and I got an interesting question from a girl after a segment of my talk. It's the second time I've gotten this question. This is what I was talking about:

First I projected this painting, which I did in college:

I explained how it was for a class assignment. We were given one word. "Blue." My solution for the word was to paint the above painting. The animals are supposed to be tamed by the blue ball at the bottom of the painting. Then I gave a brief story of how a boy painted his face bright blue and proceeded to sit in the corner of the class. We had to watch him sit there for about 5 min. in silence. 

The question the girl asked was, "Did he get in trouble?" 

Since this is the second time a child has asked this and I don't normally call on kids when they're raising their hands in the middle of my talks I must wonder: how many kids wonder this? Classes in elementary school are so structured that I guess they can't imagine why a boy who would do such a thing wouldn't get in trouble! 

Something to think about. I'm glad I went to art school.

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