Wednesday, March 14, 2012


New York Daily News has written an article about a potential lawsuit against the five big publishers and Apple for attempting to raise the prices of ebooks and wrangle the digital market away from the likes of Amazon. Doing so could prove very damaging to B&N. Julie Bosman of the NYT said, “Barnes & Noble, once viewed as the brutal capitalist of the book trade, now seems so crucial to that industry’s future. Sure, you can buy bestsellers at Walmart and potboilers at the supermarket. But in many locales, Barnes & Noble is the only retailer offering a wide selection of books. If something were to happen to Barnes & Noble, if it were merely to scale back its ambitions, Amazon could become even more powerful and — well, the very thought makes publishers queasy."

“Seems that the US Justice Dept wants to destroy the world of books," Salman Rushdie Twittered.

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