Saturday, October 8, 2011


Maurice Sendak has a new book out. I commend him for keeping at it. I haven't had a chance to look over the book for a good judgement YET but as perhaps some of you may have figured out, I won't give you my full judgement of a book anyway... because you know... I'm an author... and that would be bad.

Anyway, this is his new book:

And this is a short film from the old Bumble Ardie:
(thanks to Sheila for the heads up)

I will say this about his work. His art has gotten a little sloppier. Or a lot?

And here's a cool stop motion animation from Sesame Street.

I remember this when I was little. I remember feeling uneasy about it. Isn't that weird? I didn't like its hairdo or the eyelashes or the song it sang. But at the same time I thought it was interesting to look at and I like when it croaked.

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