Friday, April 15, 2011


I go to the Strand on occasion (though I try to avoid it as of late until I make more room on the bookshelves and pay my medical bills!) and riffle through the art catalogs. This is how I stumbled upon Cindy Tower's work:

This is cindy...

And here she is at work...

And here she is with her hired body guard. It's a long story. I urge you to check out her film where you get to watch her work on location, which happens to usually be dangerous! She hides her paintings and chains them up sometimes, along with ladders and other things she may need. Homeless people live where she paints but there are other people there who come to collect valuable copper and they have come with guns, etc. Cindy doesn't seem to mind any of this. She paints away and is perfectly at home in her environment. It's a very interesting thing to watch. Go here to view it.

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  1. She's fascinating and her work is unbelievable! Thanks for sharing. I would never have known of her work.