Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I rarely talk about ideas that I have before I sign on the line... but I think it's okay to talk about this one. I was with a group of illustrators last week and we were talking about being picked on as kids. I was brutally picked on in junior high. It was so traumatizing that I'd blocked some of it out entirely for a few years. Talking with a few of the others gave me an idea. I'd wanted to do a book about my experience for some time but I don't remember enough to make a whole book out of it. That light bulb went off. What if we did a group project? A compilation of sorts! So my idea is to do a graphic novel about bullying and bullies with some stories that may just have text, some single pieces of art, and lots of graphic novel pieces for teens. I want to gather "submissions" of sorts and try to compile it all and then submit it. It obviously won't be about the money because how on earth will we all get paid for something like that? But I'm excited about it none the less. Sometimes there's that thing that needs to come out. I think I've finally found a way.

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  1. This sounds like a fantastic idea. I think we all have those experiences to some degree (let's be real... especially artists!), and I'd definitely be interested in working on or promoting a book like this. Keep me posted!