Friday, February 4, 2011

In The Night Kitchen - Too Strange?

When I asked my mom what some of my favorite books were as a kid she said, "You of course loved the wild and wacky, In The Night Kitchen," This spurred me to find this video:

And then of course I had to read the comments, some of which irritated the heck out of me:

That IS a weird book. I've come across it once b4 & thought what the??? Your comments on the book are hilarious! Well done!

At first i thought YOU had written the warped book, I kept looking at the cover to see if it really was an authentic main stream published book! Was the author on weird drugs? Is the author head of a pedaphile club?? Fantisy is fun in kids books, but this is more of a nightmare

zaniebobanie 2 years ago
It's sort of a classic -- same guy wrote "Where the Wild Things Are" -- but a very strange classic.

VMKPRO 2 years ago
Glad you liked it. An Owen classic...

DadLabs 2 years ago
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I love this book. It was one of my favorites when I was little and is still one of my fav children's books. I love the illustrations, and the surrealism. Because he's naked on like 4 pages makes it inapropriatte?? Come on. It's a children's book, and it's not like it's graphic. You prudes need to grow up.

NotanEmoJasmine 1 year ago 6
I know this comment is a year old but I just had to say something. Sendak has discussed this book due to all the idiodic controversy and purpsely drew the chefs with hitler mustaches baking the kid in an oven as a hidden haulocaust referance because of his Jewish heritage.

Excellent, very funny review. Exactly our reaction to the story when we first saw it! We have it animated on the "Where the Wild Things Are" DVD (animated version) and our son (2 yrs old) watches it over and over and over! We weren't sure if it was all a bit too surreal but he loves it

leepharps 2 months ago
this is funny but the author is the same guy who wrote where the wild things are so... yea

Lubydo 2 months ago
thumbs up!

billshots 1 year ago
@NotanEmoJasmine THANK YOU

trembleweeds 1 year ago
LMFAO, that was beyond hilarious!!!!!!!

desolate2 1 year ago
this is hillarious

trishiz0 1 year ago
That made me laugh so hard that someone actually came into my room and asked what was wrong. Hilarious.

ChowakeePsycho 1 year ago
Just a small correction, those 3 bakers were actually supposed to look like Oliver Hardy, not Hitler.

This is a sick homo book. they even got hitler chefs in it. OMG!

phantastickyle 2 years ago
they showed his penis in a kids book....

Fantastic. I love how the discomfort just multiplies with every page.

weird book

I really hope that YouTube does not represent the cross population of America. Unfortunately, after working in retail for so long, I'm afraid that it does.

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