Monday, February 14, 2011


This Valentine's Day got me thinking about the creation of holiday books. There are lots of in-house books created and once in a while I see one done by a well known author or author/illustrator combo. Is it worth it to take that plunge? Certainly the Christmas season might be a time to try out because the display space in bookstores... er (will that still be the case?) will be front-and-center for at least a good month or two and will give good sales. But what about libraries? Do libraries want a Valentine's book? Is that of any use? I've never bothered to try a holiday book because I don't think it's worth my effort, but that's just one author's opinion.


  1. On the one hand, we love displaying Valentine's Day books in my library. On the other hand, when the day is over they get chucked back in the Overflow until the next year. Better to write a romantic picture book that can be read all year, but that librarians will pull out during the Valentine's Day holiday season. My two cents.

  2. a librarian I agree with Betsy above - that the books are mostly used right around the holiday. However, as a parent, my children will pick out holiday books at any time of the year. Today at the library, my 3 year old picked out a Christmas and a Halloween book. I think well done holiday books are always welcome and are frequently used!