Sunday, February 13, 2011


Accept no substitute! This will be part of the "accept no substitute!" series. (yes, I grew up on PBS)

Here she is in the 80s:

Then I was wondering what Megan Follows was up to:

And you may pronounce her name as MeEgan but my name is pronounced as MeHgan. I just wanted to get that straight.

Back to Anne of Green Gables. My sister and I watched it so many times that we memorized many of the scenes. I kind of thought I was somewhat like Anne (minus the big words and book reading part). I had a braid and reddish hair and was daring and had freckles. Perhaps Anne was a mix of my sister and I. She was quite the bookworm. Maybe if we melded the two of us we'd be Anne. Hmm... I think I'm over thinking this just a tad.

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  1. I love the series, own them all on dvd and vhs! and can't wait to introduce them to my boys. I rewatched them with friend in college while drinking Kaluha (we were the bookish sort :)