Thursday, March 17, 2011

FROM THE 90s...

I'm working on a graphic novel about my memories of junior high. 7th grade was 1990. MC Hammer's hit "Can't Touch This" was all the rage that year. The clothing was awful: slouch socks, puffy hair, and long tee-shirts that would be tied in a knot. Eeek. And remember Kriss Kross? They wore their pants backwards!

1) Thank goodness for everything being put on DVD. Now I can easily reference this stuff! Saved By the Bell? On DVD! The old 90210? On DVD! And Fresh Prince plays on TV on and off.

2) This is what I wonder: Will kids think its fun/funny to see this stuff like it is with the 80s? Is it too soon? Has enough time passed? I do know that some of the early 90s sneakers have come back. I've seen them all over the subway. Will snap bracelets make a come-back? Heh.

Now my challenge is to make a funny story about being picked on. Can I do both? I'm not sure. I'll try.



  1. Oh how I loved the nineties! I think kids will get it- Glee has brought a lot of those songs back, so they are down with that. My 7 year old got in the car last week and said "It is so nineties in here"... referring to the music on my iPod. There is plenty to make fun of from the nineties... my bangs for one. Love the idea!

  2. I also was in 7th grade in 1990, and I think your book sounds like a fun read. (Were Kris Kross really *that* young?!)