Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I was looking through my shelves really quickly for an interesting book to talk about and I noticed this one:

Chris Raschka again! I have no idea if you can really translate a jazz song into children's narrative art or if this really works that way. I'd have to think about it a lot more... and as usual, I have to run to work! BUT I bought the book because it grabbed my attention. I think the book is 1) fun and 2) will get kids interested in the song/music. So does it matter if it really works or not? I'm not sure if it does. I think "kitten" is a really cute character and she's really into what she's doing so I think kids will be into what she's doing too. PLUS the cover is see-through. I'm jealous. I want a see-through cover! Raschka takes risks. I like that. I wish more authors would. This means, of course, that not all of the books will be hits. Some will be misses. But what is the point of life and art and work without taking a few risks? Take some... er... dare I say this... Giant Steps?

Below is a fun, abstract animation I found on Coltrane's Giant Steps song:

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