Friday, March 18, 2011


I bought this book a while ago:

I love looking at the the stuffed guys!

(this is a photo of actually stuffed animals that someone had sewn from the book)

I bought the book because I thought it would be great promotion to turn some of my characters into stuffed toys. I am not so great at the sewing so I made readers an offer: sew me a character and I'll paint you into one of my books. I was surprised that people actually did it! I still owe my pall Liz Dubois a feature in one of my books. I'm waiting for the right opportunity to come along. She sewed me a good one! I'll post photos of what people did in a bit (it involves me getting batteries in my camera or charging my ipod - both annoying tasks).

Some of my favorite artists like Gary Baseman and Tim Biskup, who were illustrators turned fine artists, now make vinyl toys. I'd love to turn some of my characters into vinyl.

Vinyl toys are big right now in the art world:

Anyway, I think author/illustrators should check the book out. I believe there's an updated version available. It comes with patters! It will give you some good ideas of how and what to create.

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