Friday, December 9, 2011

SEXIST 1950s and 60s ads

Here are some of the most sexist ads I've found kicking around the internet. Mind you, magazines from this time period ARE all about women cooking and cleaning but the ads aren't all blatant sexist ads like this. There are a few, obviously, because these were found. I will post a few that I've found on my own soon.

Get upset... laugh... enjoy:

This is when the man needs to be pushed off the cliff....

Oooh, pleeeease don't let me be locked out from you!

I know I want to circle all of them!!!

If she's not pretty she should stab her eyes out. That's what I would do.

That's right, just watch that football game while I wash all the dishes and then I'll bring you a beer...

what the???

Now women know how to get rid of a bad husband: get a lumpy mattress!

We all know that women are so weak that they can't twist open anything including soda bottles, pickle jars, pill containers, hot sauce, mustard jars, juice bottles, and so on. Thank goodness they've made something a woman can maybe open! MAYBE.

Oh, but women like a good spanking.

Thank goodness they've made pants to fit men in style and comfort so that they can walk all over women properly!

This is my goal: can I apply my knowledge of this and put it into a children's book? (all joking aside... REALLY) This is a tough one! I know I can do it though. I think....