Monday, December 12, 2011


I just read this on the Blue Rose Girls (from 2006!!!)

"Calling all kids' book folks--writers, illustrators, booksellers, librarians, editors, etc. What has been the most OUT THERE story idea you've ever heard? I'm talking about those times when you're at a gathering and someone overhears that you have something to do w/kids' books. Then they immediately launch into the "I have a GREAT idea for a kids' book that I KNOW will get published soon..." and all you can do is sigh.

I'll start -- I was at a party a while back and a seemingly normal guy told me about his story idea. It was about a selfish child who loses her precious red shoes. She needs to be taught a lesson... (so far okay) and THEN things got interesting. "The girl whines that she can't find her shoes and Jesus comes in the form of a giant hand which comes from a cloud to tell her she doesn't need the shoes and she should learn her lesson..." This guy with beer in hand blabbed on and on about Jesus and shoes and even bunnies may have been involved, though I'm not sure. Then he said "So, you think you could help me with it?" "Help you?" I said. "Yeah, he replied, "help me get it published...."

The funny, or not funny thing, is that this continues to happen. This happens within my own family. My mom told me that my uncle told her that my cousin had a good idea that I should know about. (it wasn't good). Um... don't they think that maybe I have enough of my own? I'm not being cocky, it's just that I really do! I'm kind of booked at the moment. Then OF COURSE there are the parties. Those are the best places to get new bad ideas (as seen above). I should make a list for humor's sake. Of course, if your friends and family REALLY do know you then maybe they WILL give you good ideas. MAYBE.

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