Thursday, June 9, 2011


Kids are amazing. I got a letter from a teacher in MD. It reads:

"Dear Ms. McCarthy,
Enclosed you will find a letter written by one of my fourth grade students, Cassidy Krebs. This week, as I was reading your book Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum to her class, Cassidy noticed a discrepancy in the illustration on page 22. I as pointing out to the class how the illustration was showing the passing of time by the falling away of pages of the calendar. Cassidy pointed out that the pages were in the wrong order. The rest of the class concured and Cassidy was determined to write to you and point this out. Attached is her letter."

This is the spread in question:

Yes, I did indeed put them in the wrong order! Did I do this on purpose? Mmm, I'd like to say "yes," because sometimes I do things like that on purpose to see if anyone will notice but this time I did not. The only way the pages could fall like that is if they fell from behind the one that reads "1" which isn't likely. So Casidy is right! I'm going to send her a painted drawing for her keen observation. Illustrators make mistakes! Let's home I keep them to a minimum. I think it's great that I get letters like this though. Keep them coming!

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