Friday, January 21, 2011


I get giddy when I find this stuff. I love Sasek. His art is FANTASTIC. His writing is FANTASTIC. It's just right for kids--simple, paced well, and interesting. Lo and behold--an old film on one of his books! I'm unsure as to why there seems to be one made on this particular book and not others (or rather one on YouTube) but one can't complain too loudly now can one?

Okay, new information here: There were four films made by Scholastic that were part of the "This Is" series. This is New York, This is Venice, This is Israel, and This is Ireland. It looks like someone put This is Israel onto YouTube from an actual film real. I guess we'll all have to hope that this individual has the other films and will put them up them shortly! It's for the good of the people! Or book lovers... or something like that...

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  1. Meghan! I loved Sasek when I was a child (and still do). We had THIS IS NEW YORK and I think THIS IS PARIS -- I have them here somewhere but am too lazy to go look. Never knew about these films, though, thanks for posting this!