Friday, January 21, 2011


My good friend and fellow children's book illustrator/author Julia Sarcone-Roach shelves her books by color! Yes, by color. Observe:

(This is funny but only a bookseller would face out a book - look at the bottom. Also, Julia, my dear: I see a few library books in there. I hope you paid for them!)

I asked her to send me this photo because I'm collecting photographs of bookshelves. With the influx of ebooks I want to remind everyone that there's one big thing that you can't do with them: Put them on your shelves! So I want to see your bookshelves. Please send me some photos and I'll post them. My email is my first and last name 007 at

And thank you.



  1. Ah this is a great idea. My goal is to purchase a used Library card catalog cabinet to use for books and to store the millions of DVD I have my work saved on. There are so many bookshelves all over our house, it would be wonderful to finally get cracking on organizing whats in them. Love the photo and the idea!

  2. A Horizontal Rainbow - sweet.
    My goal is to get any organizational system back to my shelves.
    Many thanks Meghan.
    (We don't know he other but I'm a fan & now, following this creation.)

  3. Meghan - Thanks for showing my shelves! Actually those suspiciously library looking books are a few of my sketchbooks (I use old ledgers, art history books, vintage date books, as well as regular sketchbooks.) After I fill them, I date the spine and then haphazardly shelve them. As for the face out - I love the Dunderheads, I can't help myself!