Thursday, January 27, 2011


One of many....

I started to arrange my books by subject: photography, graffiti, children's books, paintings, pop surrealism, and so on. It's a big project! I also have my can collection of OK Soda. Anyone remember OK soda? I think the soda was only released in certain states but the graphic design was AMAZING!

Then there is my Gary Baseman lunch box

And my giant pencil (out of frame) that I carved out of a tree that I cut down freshman year of college. I'm too lazy to look for a photo of it so you'll just have to imagine it.

So yeah, there are lots of other things on this mammoth bookshelf. Up top are really cute and amazing aliens people had sewn for me. I'll show those at some point perhaps, as well, but that also involves taking more photos.

I have four bookshelves so I'll post more photos at other times.

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  1. I love looking at other people's bookshelves. I'm an editor, and have more books than my teeny Brooklyn apartment can manage, so my books often get double and triple shelved. No room for aesthetics. Yours just look pleasantly full! And I love the cans!