Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Ahhh! The fairy books. They drive me nuts simply because I have no idea how to shelve them. I don't know what series goes first and I don't feel like staring at the covers to figure out whether it's the ocean fairy series or the party fairy or the sports fairy series or music fairy or night fairy... you get the point. The problem is, like with a lot of these chapter books, each book in the series is not the same color and does not have an identifying mark. It drives me nuts. So a lot of times I just don't give a crap. I shove the book approximately where it goes and walk away.

This brings me to a regular customer I get who comes in to shop for her granddaughter. She wants all of the new fairy books... only she doesn't know which ones are new and which ones she has and doesn't have and can't tell the difference between them. Neither can I. She's also aggravated by the fact that all of the books are essentially the same only with different characters. I think she said something about them not being creative and she asked why authors don't make more original stories. No comment.

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