Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I was reading some reviews today on amazon for a bike. The bike got great reviews except for two. One review was two sentences and said that the bike had plastic on it but I saw no such plastic so I sort of discounted that one. The other reviewer knew what he was talking about. The only problem is that the reviewer didn't buy the bike from amazon! Um... The other issue is that the reviewer was reviewing another bike entirely! Um...

This is an issue I also see in books. I'm sure you all have seen it. I love the one star reviews because said reviewer never got the book! Apparently it never occurs to the reviewer that this one star will taint the author's record and won't look good for them. If the person didn't get the book then they should take it up with UPS. The sad thing is that I see this constantly.

An example of something that's happened to me is this: Someone liked one of my books well enough but their complaint was that the book was for kids. Um...  Perhaps it is because I write about unique topics such as Charles Atlas, etc., but seriously, look at the description before you buy it! Don't write dumb reviews if you make a mistake! Keep your dumb comments to yourself!

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