Saturday, May 26, 2012


So here is the board series I'd mentioned:

I do find them adorable. My thinking being that babies, todlers, and even kids in elementary school... ah, heck I'll throw it out and say that there might be a few kids in high school as well, who don't know what a governess is and a toddler isn't going to know what a marriage proposal is! So, you know, cute in theory, but... 

 These spreads are from Romeo and Juliet:

And these spreads are from Jane Eyre:

I think the pages like "7 soldiers in uniform," or "3 Houses," work just fine but the other spreads are funny things for the adults. I haven't seen Alice in Wonderland because our bookstore doesn't have it but I'd love to see it! They're fun books none the less and I love the art so maybe my criticisms do not matter. I know parents must get bored reading the same board books about cows and bunnies over and over again! Maybe we can start giving kids governesses instead of babysitters?

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