Thursday, December 15, 2011


My new roommate rocks. I love his art and today I found out he has a new blog - christoperdarling/blog - and on his new blog he posted about his studio. As I told him, I'm always jealous of people's studio and his is no exception. It's really super cool. It's the studio I've always dreamed of: spaciousness, cool/talented artists to share the space with, an amazing rooftop with a stellar view if you need to stretch your legs (ehem, and may I say it would be a wonder on the 4th AND on New Year's - basically anything with fireworks). My roommate is a great artist so I'm going to show you all some of his work, design, and his workspace.

Here we have some cans. I really love these. If you go on his website you'll see that they animate--the can lids flip open, displaying the sloshy, lumpy insides. I like to stare at them flip flopping over and over again.

This group of three is from a graphic novel he worked on. Chris is going to contribute something to my bully project, which is just super! His work is perfect for my vision so stay tuned!

Here is a lovely/detailed line drawing:

spot illustrations...

Chris interned at FSG and designed this eye-catching new cover of Shrek:

And these are examples from Carrier Pigeon, a magazine that he co-founded. He designed/illustrated the cover and endpapers. I really love the look of it. I want my own copy! Where is my copy? Okay, I'm going to go ask for a copy....

"I wrote and illustrated this the first winter I lived in New York. I intended 111th Street to read like a children’s book with adult content. It explores the relationship between isolation and city living."

And last, but certainly not least, are photos from his studio. It's in a fancy new loft building in Greenpoint, NYC. I remember when it was being built. I park my car in that area so every time I drove by I'd wondered who would move in. I remember thinking, "Wow, it looks so fancy. Only rich people will be able to move into a place like that!" But it turns out that his studio space is totally affordable and the people he splits it with are amazingly talented. I spoke with one of his "roommates" and she is really nice and her paintings are wonderful. I want one! I need one! Maybe I'll make another post about the other people in his space, if he'll allow me!

I've never lived with a fellow illustrator before but I can say this: It's inspiring. Uh, yeah, that kind of sounds cheesy but I'm being serious. It's nice to talk shop when eating some popcorn and that sort of thing, you know?

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