Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting nonfiction to sell

I've been away doing some research for my new book. I got to ride in a police car. Very exciting!

Anyway, Marc Tyler Nobleman wrote an interesting post today on nonfiction.

Noblemania: Picture book for sale: Twelve reactions to my latest nonfiction work: “[This] made me quite teary. [I]t’s a beautiful [story], and very nicely told” “A great conv...

Mark has had a lot of trouble getting his latest idea to sell so he asked some illustrators to illustrate his yet to be published book to show the potential in it. Take a look!

I really love the covers these illustrators came up with. Very nice work. Here's a sample:

(Julia Sarcone Roach)

His thoughts are that his idea is too obscure or rather that it's not a known subject for editors to see the selling potential. What do you guys think of this? I feel like I've done a few obscure subjects. Charles Atlas - no? Maybe I'm wrong. Do you guys think kids only go for KNOWN subjects?


  1. Hi Meghan! Thanks for mentioning my post. Glad you liked the covers. I was so fortunate that such talent was willing to participate.

    I should clarify that *I* don't feel my subject is too obscure. But some editors do, even if at the same time they really like the story.

    Yes, I'd say that your Charles Atlas book is indeed proof that subjects that lean more toward obscure can in fact be fantastic books! You know I love that book. Kudos again to you - and your editor for taking the chance!

    My intention in doing my post today was to validate my idea a bit more by showing how artists, librarians, and kids all also found something worthwhile in it. And to show how strongly I'm behind the book, not only at this stage but when it is time to promote.

  2. Marc, I'm so sorry that I spelled your name wrong! I feel like I'm always doing that!

  3. No problem! I rarely notice it...probably same with you re: Meghan/Megan.