Tuesday, July 5, 2011

POT EDUCATION FOR CHILDREN? (yes, this is in jest)

Here's a good one:

This is a review from SLJ since there doesn't seem to be a publisher description of the book:

Kindergarten-Grade 3–It would be helpful to have a book explaining who uses the substance and why, possible reactions, responsibilities, and legal implications, but this picture book is not it. Jackie wakes up late at night and finds her parents smoking pot. They give a simple explanation and promise to talk to her about it the next day, which happens to be Halloween. The awkwardly drawn, full-page art shows Jackie and her mom in odd costumes riding their bikes to see the marijuana farmer, and then to a doctor who explains that some adults use the drug, but that children absolutely should not. When they pass some stores and the child recognizes the now-familiar sweet smell, she sees a group of African-American men smoking. Implausibly, they stop and explain some details about marijuana and hold still when the police arrive. Even more surprising is the officer who explains why the drug is illegal and that people are trying to change the laws; he then lets the young men go with a simple warning.–Susan Lissim, Dwight School, New York City

It seems that there's plenty of pot heads out there to give the good old book 5 stars to counter act any negatives. Nothing wrong with a little pot smoking around the kids at story hour, now is there?

I don't want to make any judgements since I haven't yet read it. It is out-of -print, so it may be hard to get my hands on a copy, since a new one goes for 588.46. Gotta love the 46 cents tacked on to the end there. But I will try! There's a used copy for an affordable price that I found because it had a "beer stain" on it. Of course it would be beer! Got to drink beer while passing around that joint while reading to the little one. But that stain could be apple juice, right? I will try to get a copy of IT'S JUST A PLANT and report back. Maybe it promotes goodness! No pot smoking until you're waaaay past 12. It is, as we all know, JUST A PLANT.

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