Friday, May 6, 2011


There have been a few things at work lately that have been calling me to buy them. Not because of their contents but because of their packaging. The first is this head by McSweeney's:

I LOVE it! And on the bottom is the inside of the neck:

I'm sure it's the weird in me but I WANT IT! I don't care about the books at all. Now that's good packaging!

Another cool thing is this Gary Panter book:

The slip cover is really nice. I really go for nice, thick, shiny slip covers.

Then there's this:

Oooh yes! It's a lunch box with the best cartoon illustration on it ever! I'm not familiar with this hip hop artist - M.F. Doom - but I'm so tempted to buy it just because of the packaging. And it comes with cards! So cool. Someone should do this with a kids' book.

Lastly, there's this children's book called Imagine:

It's got fun lift-the-flaps and pages that elongate to transform an image into something else.

I found these great drawings done by kids that were inspired by the book Imagine! They fold and they you pull them open to reveal something else. This is a great art project for kids....

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  1. The book Imagine with the woman eating a teacake on the cover with the extendable mouth has been haunting my sister and I for a good part of ten years! We used to fawn over it with how entertaining the book is! We've been trying to find it ever since, I was wondering if you could tell me the Author/Illustrator in hopes i might be able to acquire another copy? Kind regards, Sunday XX