Saturday, May 21, 2011


I don't like to talk about myself on this blog (in a promotion sort of way) but I will just this once. I did my first radio interview last week on a local NPR show. I was super nervous! This is why I posted that stuff about not remembering material. I had to go back and read up on my book! Anyway, I think it all worked out. This is actually a great show. It's like a local This American Life. I highly recommend it. You can also get it of of iTunes.

Check it out here: Cityscape on An Alien Invasion

I also did a school visit yesterday. I think it went really well. As usual, the kids were great and the teachers and librarians and others were very supportive and wonderful. I live in two different worlds: there's me doing book work which is great and really confidence boosting and then I go to my part-time job where I am lately, being treated like dirt. It's a strange, strange thing! One of the people in charge is really condescending and impatient. I'm not allowed to sit down even though I am in pain all the time--it's 8 hours of nonstop standing in one place torture. It's awful! Ugh. I wish I could just make books!

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