Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'm on the topic of "the odd." I bought this book a long time ago but it's one of those that sticks with you. It's really strange but very good. It contains hardly any words but works so well. The book consists of tiny pencil drawings of a boy who was born without a face. He plays by himself because he and his father live on an island by themselves, away from judgmental people. His dad also has no face but wants his son to have an operation so that he can be normal. The boy doesn't want it. The father gives the boy different masks to wear:

(this image is actually bigger than the drawings are - many are only an inch to an inch and a half tall)

It's a very strange story but also very sad. It shows what you can do with little words and how a graphic novel can be simple, with one drawing per page instead of tons of panels. This is a book to check out if you can handle the odd.

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