Friday, February 25, 2011


With the closing of many Borders stores one would think people would finally be able to tell the difference between the two businesses... but alas, shoppers remain clueless.

This is a typical conversation:

"Do you have the membership card?"
They proceed to hand me a red card.
"Um... this is a Borders card. You are in Barnes and Noble."
"This is Barnes and Noble?"
"You can't take this card?"
"Why not?"

"Why are there so many empty shelves in here. Is that because you're going out of business?"
"No, we're not going out of business. We're just rearranging some books upstairs."
"But I heard that you were."
"No, that's Borders."
"This isn't Borders?"

Oy! It doesn't matter what you do or what the signage is... people remain clueless. Some people think that Borders and Barnes and Noble are one in the same. I'm sure that the corporate leaders would not like to know that this confusion exists. I think it's pretty silly.

Here's some more confusion:

"Where are the Kindle covers?"
"We don't sell the Kindle here."
"Okay, but where are the covers for it?"
"We don't sell covers for it. We sell the Nook."
"Why don't you sell covers for the Kindle?"
"Because the Kindle is made by Amazon. Barnes and Noble makes the Nook."
"What's the difference? Why can't you just sell the covers? Where am I supposed to get them then?"
"Amazon is the competition. That is why we don't sell the covers. You have to order them online."
"But that's annoying. I don't feel like getting them online."
"Well... I don't know what to tell you about that."

Or even better:

"Can you show me how to use iTunes?"
"Well... we sell CDs here, not iTunes."
"But I don't know how to buy songs on my computer."
"You should call Apple or go to their store."
"How do I do that? Do you have the number?"
I ended up giving the man a whole tutorial on how to use iTunes. This was completely useless to the BN CD department!

I have many examples. It goes on and on. The only time I'm happy to help out is when I can recommend a good library to go to. People ALWAYS balk when it comes to that. I have no idea why. They would much rather buy a book and return it. So strange. Like this man:

"What's your return policy?"
"Two weeks with the receipt."
"Only two weeks?"
"Why so short."
"That's our policy."
"This book has a CD that is opened. I want you to write that on the receipt."
"I can't do that."
"I want you to write it."
"I'm not supposed to do that."
"I want you to write it."
"I'll have to call a manager."
Manager comes over:
"What is the problem?"
"This book was opened. I want you to write that down so that I can return the book."
"You want to buy this book and return it?"
"So you are buying the book and then you are going to return it."
"Yes. I want to buy the book and return it in two weeks. I want you to write on the receipt that the book was opened."
This went on and on. This man has now come in and done the same buy and return thing at least 3 or 4 times. GO TO A LIBRARY!!!!

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